Farhan Yusuf Nugroho


About Me

A software developer.

My favorite videogame titles include DCS World and Command: Modern Operations.


NATOPS Manager


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MIT License




Observed Things

Minimum viable product of civil target handoff system in cross-platform mobile app designed exclusively for geotagging purpose.

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Web application that procedurally generates a tetrahedron with recursive function to form a tetrix fractal using Three.js.

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Global Thermonuclear Strike

Minimum viable product of UGM-133 Trident II D-5 ballistic missile MIRV payload detonation in 3D GIS simulation using Cesium.

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MIT License

Sentry Bot

Secure Sentry webhook for Discord with user-level authorization running on top of US DoD maintained hardened container.

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MIT License

Pindad SS2-V5A1 Modular Mod for Arma 3

Isolated SS2-V5A1 from BWI Pindad SS2 Series through reverse engineering for various modularity improvements and fix such as CBA magazine wells support, top joint rails compatibility, dispersion and fire rate adjustment.

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Modular and configurable Discord bot made to improve accessibility and reduce time spent when checking current mission and number of players on ArmA 3 and DCS servers through Discord integration instead of using in-game server browser.

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MIT License


A conversational Slack virtual assistant bot that implements natural language processing for a very basic corporate finance analytics, written in Python.

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MIT License


A conversational Discord virtual assistant bot in development made for Exodeal that implements natural language processing, written in Python.

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My first exposure and attempt in programming using Python in 2013, developed a penetration testing application that exploits common vulnerability in jailbroken iOS 8.

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UKSA funded Satellite Data & Space-Tech Programme

SETSquared Partnership

A fully-funded, two-day programme designed for innovative businesses and entrepreneurs using satellite-derived data and space-related technology.



Exodeal is a videogame price comparison website in development, it compares offers from over 20 game stores on the internet and inform user of the cheapest available offer.

Belitung Education Empowerment Initiative

Independent Volunteer English Teacher

Taught English to local tour guides of Aik Rusa Berehun community and elementary school students around Desa Terong in Belitung Island.

LSE Emerging Markets Forum


The world’s largest emerging markets forum is a unique opportunity for current and future leaders to discuss and shape global growth.


University of Leeds

Sept 2017 - Sept 2019

Bachelor of Science in International Business

Leeds ISC

Sept 2016 - Aug 2017

International Foundation Year in Business, Law and Social Sciences

BINUS School Serpong

Aug 2012 - Aug 2016

High School specializing in IT and Business

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